The cornerstone of our industry is milk, that good old fashioned family favourite. So it is fitting that fresh milk was the first of the Bream Creek Dairy products to launch.

Fresh from our dairy cows, with no additives and pasteurized for optimal health, we offer three premium varieties: Full Cream, Low Fat and Cream-On-Top.

…in stores now…

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Bream Creek Dairy produces four varieties of fine artisan cheese.

  • Truffle Brie (150g): A decedant soft brie, laced with truffles to stimulate woody and mushroom flavours on the pallet.
  • Black Ash Brie (150g): The introduction of black ash adds a particular smoothness and stability to the texture of our brie.
  • Triple Cream Brie (150g): Triple the cream! Rich in flavour and a creamy mouth feel, sure to please.
  • Blue (150g): A mile blue cheese with a smooth and approachable flavour, for everyone to enjoy.

We are proud to say all our cheeses are made from 100% Bream Creek Dairy Milk.