Put your money where your heart is

When you support a local business, an actual real person does a happy dance.

For us (the Bignell family), launching our own brand of milk is an exciting and nerve wracking new venture. Our milk will hit Hobart shelves on Thursday November 8th and already we’re feeling the effects of local business supporting local business.

By the nature of the dairy industry and farming and milk deregulation a lot of boring detail, the core of our business as dairy farmers has been, and still is, necessarily tied up with multinational corporations. But we made the decision to siphon off a portion of our yields and invest in our own business, in our own community and in our own family.

We are proud that Bream Creek Dairy has become part of the local business cycle, whereby one business supports another, to create buoyant communities and facilitate the creation and expansion of other local businesses. From the beginning, we have engaged other local businesses to help us with ours. For example:

Our wonderful logo, business cards and milk labels were designed and created by local Hobart designers Creative Hum. (Special thanks to Rachel Tribout for the gorgeous illustration and to Megan Rozynski for the design.)

Our caps and aprons have been sourced and embroidered by Glenda Emmerton of Southeast Embroidery.

Our beautiful Bream Creek Dairy banners were done by Karen Gilbert at Gecko Promotions.

Local milk legends Ben, James and Karen Green from Hobart Milk Factory are our processors, bottlers and distributors.

Delivieries to the Tasman Peninsula are made by the terrific bunch at Littles Transport of Boomer Bay.

All our independently, family owned stockists.

Thanks to all who have helped, advised and supported BCD so far. xx